the best thing about having a blog is you get to meet the most wonderful and inspiring people. getting to know and spend time with aerin lauder and her team over the last few years has been a great joy!

aerin lauder has always been someone i’ve admired for quite along time, of course she is beyond beautiful and has so much style, i love here homes, but she is also a brilliant marketer and business woman. what she has been doing with her new brand aerin is remarkable- her own line of beauty, fabrics, furniture, accessories…..her book Beauty at Home/ buy here, her store in southampton….she even just co-chaired the 2014 met gala.

aerin asked me a few questions recently in an interview for her on-line site the “world of aerin.” it’s funny, i’ve interviewed her, now she has interviewed me…..we pretty much like a lot of the same things….blue and white, gracie wallpaper, modern art….simply put, we both love beautiful things!

see and read the entire interview here. i’ve included a few of the pictures. thank you aerin for letting me into the “world of aerin,” it’s a beautiful world!

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  1. Your interview painted a lovely picture. Very proud of you. Of course many of your favorIte things are my favorites also. Wonder why…

  2. Mark I have admired Aerin so much for her style and as a businesswoman she is simply brilliant! LOve the interview!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Great piece for the blog. Your picks are always so right on. Your must haves say it all. Just love the changes you have made to your home. Hug hrhlily for me.

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