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“JACKIE LIVES” - 7 Comments

  1. a lovely tribute to jackie! it’s just right!


  2. Your pOst reminded me that jackie was also an artist (one who makes art). Both The easEl (used in thIs public photo to display a painting) and the drafting table reveal a more personal Side of a woman Of varied talents and interests. It reminded me that i want to order a copy of “one special suMmer,” a book written and illustrateD by Jackie and her sister, Lee radziwill, when they Were younger. There is also a beautiful old photo of Jackie sitting on a beach somewhere and sketching — just lovely.


  3. Our fist ladY legend. EleganT in ever way.


  4. I can never get enough of jackie…well played!

    Thanks Mark…


  5. A poised and graceful woman I will admire forever, Iconic, along with Grace, C.Z., Audrey…..

    The Arts by KARENA


  6. dear friends have lived in the building for many years……they had a dinner party for us many years ago…and we were cautioned “if you see Mrs. onassis…please address her as mrs. onassis!”

    after a wonderful “whee of a time” 10 of us went down in the elevator. the doors open…..and my husband….(the funniest person ever in the back row of the elevator) Pipes up with
    “hey hi jackie! we are on our way to ‘doubles’!! will you join us???”


    she smiled (because he is so cute!!) and demurred politely!

    I hope our friend (who still lives in the building..doesn’t read blogs!
    she was gracious and lovely!


  7. I forgot to say; she was the only person in the small lobby when the elevator doors opened! she was perfectly lovely!!!

    I won’t forget it!


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