Chic People
Glamorous Places
Stylish Things
Part 1

MDS- How would you define your style?

MC- My approach to each project depends on the client and the space. I like to focus on having a balance between the person, style of home and the surroundings. Overall, I like to think that my style is considered, calm, and comfortable.

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MDS- Where did you grow up and how do you think that influences your work?

MC- I grew up in Arizona and Nevada. The scale and vastness of the desert have always appealed to me. That being said, I believe it was more how I grew up rather than where. While we did live in a rural setting, my mother and I would travel to San Francisco frequently. I was lucky enough to have been exposed to different lifestyles.

Beyond this I found early inspiration in the work of San Francisco designers Michael Taylor and John Dickinson.

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MDS- If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

MC- It’s hard to imagine doing anything else since I’ve been rearranging furniture since I can remember. I’d love to say a honkey tonk piano player, but maybe an editor is more realistic.

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MDS- Who or what is inspiring you right now?

MC- On the lower east side of New York City I go to the Miguel Abreu Gallery, he has a great eye.

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MDS- What is the favorite room in your home?

MC- It’s all about the light. From early morning to the end of the day light floods my living room in the city. I am also really excited about my new house in Bellport.

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MDS- Is there anything you obsessively collect?

MC- Books!

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MDS- Fill in the blank: “I could never own too many ____________ .”

MC- White shirts.

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MDS- If you could decorate anyone’s house- who’s would it be and why?

MC- Dolly Parton. She’s an original, true to who she is, and very smart. I love her music and her infectious enthusiasm.

1.8 Dolly

MDS- What do you want to be known for?

MC- Being a good friend.

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 MDS- What do you think is chic, stylish and glamorous?

MC- An Avedon photograph.


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“MARK CUNNINGHAM” - 3 Comments

  1. The king of neutral…thank you! Love this blog! Dolly parton was a surprisIng answer!


  2. HI has that ASTOUNDING talent of mixing sleek lines with antiques and collectibles, fine art!

    The Arts by Karena


  3. I love that he chose Dolly. i also was a huge fan of march. he has one of the best set of “eyes” in the business… He must be seeing 20/10. great feature, per usual, mark.



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