i didn’t know this until i looked it up…the definition of a folly is, “a costly ornamental building with no practical purpose, especially a tower or mock-Gothic ruin built in a large garden or park.” in that case- i want one, especially if it can be just like nickly haslam’s.

i have been devouring the book nickly haslam’s folly of grandeur: the romance and revival in an english country house/ buy here, this weekend…. the pink bricked tudor english country house with a gabled facade and picturesque setting is so inspiring and beautiful…..don’t you think?

the book chronicles stories about the rooms and details about the decorating and furnishings, and gives a glimpse into the details that give the folly it’s unique sense of life (personally i love all the vignettes throughout photographed by simon upton...they tell the story).

i’m completely obsessed with furlow gatewood’s folly, and now nicky’s. i don’t know about you, but i most certainly would love to have a folly, and who says it has to be “costly”or “unpractical,” i think it would be an inspiring creative adventure and a much needed retreat! enjoy!

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  1. Mark, Nicky is a style icon unto his own. I loved seeing the images recently when he hosted a book signing party for Maureen Footer and her book, George Stacey, American Style Icon.Another wonderful glimpse into one of Nicky’s homes!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. So charming as it was when John fowler owned/leased it? I love VeEre GrennEy’s folly as well. Also loved it in a previous iteration when decoration was a bit simpler,
    with voluminous linen baloon shades instead of silk. Cant find those pictures publised number of years ago in House and Garden Magazine either Brittish or us edition or perhaps world of interiors. WIsh i’d saved that issue. Thank you for wonderful post.

  3. Love this, thank you. I saw the documentary about nicky hasLaM, he’s a fascinating character but this shows another side agaIn.

  4. enjoyed reading this post and finding out my assumed definition of the word Folly was incorrect. What I’m really hoping to see is more photos of the home you’re working on in santa barbara. please do share. It looks inspiring; as all your work does.

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