blue is my favorite color…it always has been. there is just something about a blue room that makes me happy, comfortable, at ease….i’ve never seen a blue room i didn’t love, and i can’t think of anyone who does a blue room better than steven gambrel.

steven is a brilliant designer and really understands a detail- a blue detail. i love how he paints a space…light blue walls, with robins egg trim and a pale icy ceiling….a beautiful foundation…

….then he adds perfectly scaled furnishings, of course upholstered and trimmed in the prettiest blues, all sitting on a geometric printed blue wool rug…. finished off with the most magnificent lights, steven always uses amazing lighting, that brighten all the blues.

i love blue, i always have, and i love that i’m not the only one…if it was up to steven and i, everything would blue- always blue! enjoy!


The Hamptons- Architectural Digest- photographs by Eric Piasecki

1- item2.rendition.slideshowVertical.long-island-beach-house-02-living-room 5- item6.rendition.slideshowVertical.long-island-beach-house-04-kitchen 6- item7.rendition.slideshowVertical.long-island-beach-house-05-kitchen 9- item11.rendition.slideshowVertical.long-island-beach-house-11-master-bedroom

East Hampton

1- SR_east-hampton-05 2- SR_east-hampton-06 3-SR_east-hampton-09 4- SR_east-hampton-09 copy 5- SR_east-hampton-07 7- 6- SR_east-hampton-07 copy 8- SR_east-hampton-013 8.5- SR_east-hampton-012 9- SR_east-hampton-04 10- SR_east-hampton-0 11- SR_east-hampton-02

Sag Harbor

1- SR_sag-harbor 1- SR_sag-harbor21 3- SR-JacksonSq-08 4- SR-JacksonSq-09 4.5- SR-JacksonSq-010 5- SR-JacksonSq-011 6- SR-JacksonSq-012 7- SR-JacksonSq-013 8- SR-JacksonSq-012 copy 9- SR-JacksonSq-011 copy 10- SR_sag-harbor5 11- SR-JacksonSq-24

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  1. a great example of how blue can be cool or warm, bold or soothing given the right surrounds! So Pretty!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto finishes

  2. GAMBREL has such talent and his MAGIC way of mixing so many BLUES in his palette is wonderful!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. This post has been a feast for my eyes. Fascinating how The other colors in both furniture and fabrics bring out the depths of the blues in Exciting ways.

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