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Lauren Bacall (september 16, 1924- August 12, 2014)


“STYLE THAT LIVES- Lauren Bacall- RIP” - 10 Comments

  1. Lauren Bacall was the ULTIMATE
    Actress, STYLE-MAKER and now
    Icon . May She rest on peace.

    Thank you Mark for thos wonderful tribute tO an amazing


  2. Hi mark,

    one of the things i love about your site is that you don’t choose the standard photos that everyone else would show, regardless of the subject!

    thanks much,


  3. the last three photos are my favorites. i loved her most when she got a bit older.


  4. She was The iconic Hollywood movie star!

    The Arts by Karena


  5. What a WONDERFUL TRIBUTE to an ICONIC BEAUTY! Her style WILL LIVE on forever. May she WHISTLE on heaven!



  6. Used to see her a lot at a farm stand out at the beach without makeup and super casual. she was otherworldly beautiful, with amazing style. Also, she had the most incredible speaking voice, like velvet. used to see so many “stars” out there, but she was the only one I was really intrigued by. Didn’t matter how many times I saw her, it was so Hard not to act like a tacky fan, stop shopping, and just stand there and watch her. she really had “it”, even in her 70′s.


  7. Simply Lovely! One Class Act!


  8. Read an interview done in her later years and she said it was a lonely time. Everyone was gone, those that she wanted to do things with.

    I’m sure the price of her ‘it’ was always high. but it never showed.

    Thanks for sourcing/curating the pics.

    garden & Be well, xo tara


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