it’s friday, time for friday favorites…

– it’s also time for all the september issues, first off audrey hepburn’s grand daughter, emma ferrer, graces the pages of Harper’s Bazaar– beautiful!

– love the new september issue of house beautiful– it’s a good one! my favorite interior is by lee ann thornton– that paisley room is everything!

– i have a new favorite model, dutch model abel van oeveren/ follow his instagram here

– can’t believe summer is coming to an end…where does time go? hope everyone get’s out the next few weekends and enjoys the last days of summer! loving some recent pictures on montauk- surf’s up!

– i’ve been a little more blue crazy than normal lately…blue rooms, blue skies, blue shirts…can’t get enough of a blue shirt- more blue shirts please!!! always blue!

– if we are going to talk about september issues, we have to talk about the new september issue of vogue– i already got a sneak peek!

lastly, some of my favorite pinterest pins of the week- axel, bows, blue shutters, audrey and wicker chairs on a boat, and navy and white stripes of course! happy weekend!

Audrey Hepburn’s Grand daughter in Harper’s Bazaar

1- hbz-audrey-hepburn-granddaughter-avedon-07

Lee Ann Thornton designs in the September Issue of House Beautiful

2- Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.46.18 PM

Model Abel Van Oeveren

3- taw-nyfw-day-6-16

surf’s up in montauk


More Blue Shirts

5- 4e3c17441f1faa7d70df68f421a41faa

The September Issue of all September Issues

6- vogue-september-2014-model-cover

Favorite Pinterest Pins of the week/ follow here

1- 16ea17044b5425cc9c8144c110809617 2- 5d12665cd6ae996cb90976f5ffac7ed5 3- 685cb5dbd132c531893ce2fbc50eb663 4- 3edcd44b41c1049763c510fd39fe9e66 5- a2fe0d3c99d7278f54b9b9c0a693d560

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  1. Over the years, I have kept certain magazine issues because they are simply too brilliant to part with. The issue of veranda featuring your absolutely perfect, timeless yet fresh home is one of those. you’ve got the furlow mojo working.

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