i was recently invited by 1st dibs to create a pinterest board around a favorite destination, they called the series destination by design. peter som, alexis bittar, patrick minkley, casey keasler and myself picked our favorite places…i of course picked punta cana- see the story here.

here is a little preview of my pinterest board.. i mixed in favorite punta cana interiors, gardens and architecture with fabulous fashion…i had to add in pieces of blue and white, anglo indian antiques, chinoserie, wicker and ikats because when i think of punta cana i think of these things..it just so happens this is also a list of my favorite things, all the things i love…. and this just might be one of the reasons i love punta cana so much!

i visited punta cana earlier in the year and i got to spend time in all of the homes i’ve featured on this 1st dibs pinteret board… i can’t wait to go back this thanksgiving…until then, i’ll just dream of punta cana via 1st dibs destination by design! enjoy the trip!

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  1. Mark,

    What a wonderful board! Gorgeous. Fun to look over all 5 destination boards on pinterest. May I say that Out of your class of 5, you deserve the A+. your Time and effort spent putting it together, as well as your love of punta cana all shine through.
    I felt as though I took a quick trip this AM over coffee! THanks for the free mini-vacation.

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