the new architectural digest is chalked full of great stuff this month….one of my favorite interiors is carlos souza’s home up in the hills outside of rio de janeiro…carlos also has a new book coming out his fall, #carlos’s places/ buy here… love the hashtag, it’s also an ironic name for the book, i guess we get enjoy at least one of carlos’s places before the book comes out.

carlos souza has been one of valentino garavani’s closest friends, confidant and business partners for the last four decades. carlos met valentino and giancarlo giammetti when he was a young model and over the years became the head of pr for valentino, he’s actually still at valentino even though mr. valentino and giancarlo left in 2008.

i’m drawn to carlos’s place that he shares with his beautiful ex-wife charlene shorto and their two sons (i think it’s so amazing how close he still is with charlene). i love all the colors, the eclectic mix of furnishing acquired from years of traveling, all the vintage textiles and ikat’s….and i’m sure it’s not much of a surprise that i really  love the blue and white kitchen with a splash of yellow- it’s amazing!

all i can say if #carlos’s places is as good as this place of carlos’s, it’s going to be a best seller! enjoy!

photographs by the great oberto gili.


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#Carlos's places/ buy here

#Carlos’s places/ buy here




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