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MDS- Why did you want to do a line with Ballard Designs?

BW- Ballard’s ability and the size of their company allows them to be able to source in an amazing way- glass, wood, every material imaginable, as well as, everything is done with great quality and detail. They create things I want to own and want to put my name on it. They have made this whole process fun, creative, and inspiring.


MDS- Many of these items are inspired by things in your own homes, how did you narrow it down?

BW- It wasn’t easy but I focused on narrowing it down to a cohesive collection by thinking about all the components people would need to set a beautiful table- the serving dishes, the vases, the linens, the flatware, even notecards. And also the elements needed to be able to mix and match so that you can change things up and move things around. I also wanted people to feel prepared and have all things they need so they can set a beautiful table in five or so minutes. Plus, I wanted to create things they were not only fun and chic, but that were also functional and useful, things that addressed how we all live today.


MDS- What’s your favorite pieces?

BW- I love all of them because most of the items are copies of things I already own, antiques John and I have collected in our travels and buying excursions, but if I had to choose a few I’d have to say….

- I love the Silver Wire Cachepot because it’s not only beautiful to put flowers or potted plant in, you can also use it disguise a pint carton of ice cream- we all need this!

- I also love the Raffia Guest Towel Holder. The pattern is a great neutral. And, the towels (sold separately) are so heavy, such great quality, they feel like linen and they can be monogrammed. Everybody needs these because they make your guest feel special.

- The Casserole dish with rattan holder is so amazing because the dish can go from oven-to-table to make entertaining easy and it looks so amazing.

- I got so tired of seeing my phone cords, iPad charger, everything all tangled up on my kitchen counter that I designed The Leather Charging Station so that all the devices that rule our lives can be charged neatly, look good and be in one place.


MDS- I’ve seen your pantry in Punta Cana and Connecticut, where are you going to put all this stuff?!

BW- That is a good question….I might have to edit, but trust me I’ll find a place because I love everything. John and I entertain more casually that we used to. Like everyone, we want to keep things simple and easy, but beautiful and fun, so I’ll probably edit some of my formal china in our homes to make room all these things that I love that are more casual.

“BUNNY & BALLARD” - 5 Comments

  1. Beautiful post Mark -
    keep up the good work
    dean farris
    naples, fl


  2. Bunny Williams has done it again!
    xo, lissy


  3. Hello mark -
    I am hoping between bunny williams line for ballard and Aerin Lauder’s book and products that this will encourage people to design and entertain in their homes and be proud to do so. Casual is fine as long as an effort is still made and it shows. Thank you for another great post.


  4. these BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS ARE A RESULT OF Bunny’s Remarkable Taste and terrific sense of Style !!


  5. Hi Mark,

    I absolutely loved this interview with bunny Williams, especially her response to what is chic and glamorous which i have read several times. I came back to read it to a friend and it is missing. could you please send it to me. i would greatly appreciate it!
    thank you so much.




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