this past week in my weekly pretty pins post i posted a picture of a beautiful porch with pale blue painted floors and a bronze lantern, the view is looking out to a green lawn and pool. i received a note from my friend courtney letting me know the image was the work of atlanta based architect william litchfield.

i love finding new inspiration and discovering talent i didn’t know about before. i’m a big fan of classic architecture and i love a big white house. bill litchfield’s work is really, really beautiful, you have to take a look at his portfolio.

ironically i’m in atlanta this week, today i was shopping for my upcoming show house that will be in birmingham, however, i found myself driving around most of the day looking at all of the the beautiful homes. there really is nothing like classic architecture.


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spring is my favorite season. there is nothing that compares to a green garden blooming. i’m on a green kick, didn’t think of it till now, but maybe it’s because it’s spring and everything is turning green…

in the new vogue there is a piece on katharine and william rayner’s garden in east hampton. tucked between the atlantic ocean and georgica pond, it’s the exact opposite of the east hampton norm of pristine and manicured gardens, it’s abundant and alive with nods to the garden cultures of england, itlay, persia and india. it’s simply beautiful.

there is nothing like a garden- enjoy the most beautiful sign of spring!

photographs by eric boman

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i’m heading to atlanta this week to speak at design adac and to shop for my southern living show house living room i’m installing in birmingham in a few weeks. also, looking forward to spending time with suzanne, randy, courtney and bill.

soon as i get to atlanta i’m going to visit the southeastern show house. i’ve been getting sneak peeks of the show house on instagram. i’ve been intrigued and inspired by the emerald green rooms i’ve seen designed by my friends andrew brown and beth webb (we all did the maison de luxe show house here in L.A. last year), so beautiful!

these rooms have made me envious for emerald green and have me seeing emerald everywhere. driving down the streets yesterday in beverly hills i was mesmerized by the emerald green palms and a dear friend today reminded me of designers rose uniacke’s work…i love how she uses emerald green.

i don’t know why it is, but there are these times when you just can’t get something out of your head, right now it’s emerald green…all of these beautiful designs are giving me emerald envy- enjoy!


Andrew Brown at the Southeastern Show house

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 7.45.22 PM

emerald envy 1 emerald envy 2 emerald envy 3

Beth Webb at the Southeastern Show house

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 7.45.00 PM

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emerald envy 5 emerald envy 6

Rose Uniacke Interiors

1 rose uniacke 2 rose uniacke 3- rose uniacke 4- rose uniacke 5- rose uniacke

emerald envy 7 emerald envy 8 emerald envy 9