someone told me the other day they were “craving some color story blog posts like i used to do, you know like when you mix fashion and interiors,” and yes, the used the word “craving!” well, here you go, i guess what’s old is now new again.

you can start to smell fall in the air, if your like me you are getting that itch to feel cozy, add layers and wear camel. right now all i can think about is camel, feeling like a need for a few camel cashmere sweaters, some chinos and a new camel blazer….there really is nothing like camel, especially this time of year.

timeless, classic, cozy and cool-  i’m craving camel! are you?

shop all my favorite camel pieces for women, men and home right here.

photographs from pinterest and vogue.

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Sculptro and restorer Myriam Chataignere's Paris Right Bank studio-cum-residence with moderne furniture and fittings. Photo by Roland Beaufre

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Gerald Bland


Gerald bland has to be one of the chicest men i know, he has such great style and such amazing taste. i’ve enjoyed getting to know him this past year and of course i follow him on instagram.

Gerald is an antique dealer in NYC, his wife is mita corsini bland, a brilliant artist.  his showroom is curated beautifully, i’m always inspired by the mix of things, both traditional and modern, and how everything is presented…

…you might find a rare regency antique with a bright colored piece of abstract art leaning on it, a potted topiary off to the side, a sculpture adjacent and a few more pieces of art leaning on the ground next to a gilded italian side chair….

gerald was so lovely to let me borrow many beautiful things for my kips bay show house room….i will forever be grateful for his kindness and support.

if you don’t already, you might want to follow gerald on instagram, and get a peek into his home and his work, and just recently we got to see some of his place in tuscany which was featured in veranda a few years ago…

take a look and enjoy getting a taste of gerald’s chic and stylish world at home, at work and away.

At Home

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At Work

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Away in Tuscany

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Hollywood at Home


There’s something new in Hollywood, well, not really, but it is something really great that you must see and know about.

hollywood at home, a showroom in L.A., owned by Peter Dunham just recently change locations. they didn’t move too far, just across the street on La Cienega, but the new space is bigger and better. so much more of everything i love from H at H- more fabrics, more furniture, more antiques, and a lot more inspiration!

peter has his own fabrics and furniture which take the center stage, but he also represents in L.A. some of the best fabric designers. names not new to this blog, fabrics and designers i blog about all the time and love- carolina irving, lisa fine, penny morrison, elizabeth hamilton and peter fasano.

this past week the new hollywood at home hosted our first mds stripes trunk show. it was a huge success and lot’s of fun. i have to say i can’t think of a better place to feature our stripes, we felt right at home!

enjoy your sunday!

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