tis the season in palm beach, everybody is there. this is the time of year when palm beach is buzzing.

yesterday i did a post on jean-charles de ravenel’s palm beach collages and art opening at amanda lindroth’s this week. got be me thinking about palm beach chic. there is a book by the same name/ buy here, by jennifer ash rudick. the book is fabulous, makes you want to be in palm beach, especially now.

my favorite house featured in the book is la follia, a home decorated by pauline pitt. the house is full on glamour, i love the colors, the print, the pattern, the treillage work, the lanterns, the art, and the terrace with all the bamboo furniture and blue and white is over the top palm beach- it’s very chic! enjoy!

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Jean- Charles de Ravenel


there is nothing i love more or find more inspiring than a collection of images that are put together to tell a beautiful story. that’s exactly what jean-charles de ravenel does with his beautiful collages.

jean-charles latest works of art is a collection of 14 collages that are based on the glamour of palm beach in the 1930’s. the series of collages show the palm beach lifestyle and it’s chic residents engaged is activities ranging from polo, golf, tennis, shopping, nightlife and leisure. what an amazing time this was in palm beach, who wouldn’t want to be apart of it?

These collages comprise mainly period documents such as vintage photographs, drawings, press clippings, letters, various mementos. One can recognise great society figures such as Mrs.Harrison Williams, mentioned in Cole Porter’s “Ridin’ High” as the Best Dressed Woman in town, Mrs.John Jacob Astor, Mr.& Mrs.Winston Guest, Mr.Charles Munn, Mr.& Mrs.John Barry Ryan Jr, Mrs.Barbara Phipps and many others including great financiers of the day such Mr.Otto Kahn, Mr. Anthony Drexel Biddle Sr, Mr. John Hays Hammond and also architects who defined the Palm Beach style such as Addison Mizner, Maurice Fatio and John Volk.

jean-charles is without a doubt one of the most stylish men i know, such a talent and such an eye for beauty. his collages transport you to another time. i’ve had the honor to see these collages first hand and i’ve also seen a bit of the creative process behind making these extraordinary pieces of art.

all of these “palm beach revisited” collages will be on preview at amanda lindroth’s shop in palm beach, lindroth design. the opening will be february 11th, and then on view february 12th to the end of april.

how wonderful that these collages based on palm beach will be on view in palm beach, this somehow makes the story even more beautiful and inspiring. i just wish i could be there to celebrate, and i know i would be bringing back home with me the collage of “mrs. williams on board” – i love that one!


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2.5- unnamed-26 3- worth avenue 3.5 4- doggie style 4.5 5- night life 5.5 6- architects 6.5 7- financiers 7.5 8- on the golf course A 8.5 9- on the golf course B 9.5 10- on the tennis court 10.5 11- on the polo field A 11.5 12- on the polo field b 12.5 13- sheltered by the stars 13.5 14- palm beach 1 deux 14.5


it’s so beautiful today in L.A., it’s around 85 degrees, unbelievable. i was sitting in the garden this morning, looking up at the sky, i had this moment with blue. i’ve never seen a shade of blue i didn’t love.

this weeks pretty pins have a bit of a theme- there are hints of blue and they sure are pretty! enjoy!

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