Carolina Herrera


i enjoyed this past weekends T magazine, it was their fashion issue. they profiled carolina herrera and she shared some of her favorite things.

I saw carolina many years ago in nyc and she was wearing a perfect white shirt and a pair of black pants, her hair was short but perfectly pulled back, i believe she had manolo’s on. and then about ten years later i saw her again, again in a perfect white shirt, sleeves rolled up, collar up, however, this time with a black pencil skirt. hair the same, lips maybe a little more red.

i enjoyed reading about her favorite things in t magazine- her favorite car, favorite artist, favorite interior designer….my favorite thing about carolina is her personal style, it never changes- is chic, elegant and forever stylish. i’ve nver met her personally, but i’m told she’s also very nice and loves her family dearly. she’s a class act.

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i’m very familiar with this house. it’s my friend sarah barthomew’s. it’s featured in newest issue of southern living.

sarah is a brilliant designer based in nashville and she’s one of my best friends- i’m so proud of her and i love her family dearly. sarah is having a moment right now. she was just featured in house beautiful’s next wave and now this- isn’t her home beautiful?

the house is filled with all of my favorite fabrics and it’s filled with timeless furniture, whimsical details and cool accents. there’s so much talk right now about “southern style today”. well, no need to keep looking, this is it, and it’s so great!

i wish southern living would have published a picture of the outside of the house, it’s georgian and it’s amazing. this house is beautiful inside and out, just like sarah.

Sarah Bartholomew residence, entryway console table and bone mirror detail

Sarah Bartholomew residence, entryway

Sarah Bartholomew residence, chair and stool in entryway

Sarah Bartholomew residence, living room

Sarah Bartholomew residence, living room, asian chest and blue containers

Sarah Bartholomew residence, front seating area in living room

Sarah Bartholomew residence, kitchen

Sarah Bartholomew residence, kitchen, built in seating area

Sarah Bartholomew residence, kitchen, laundry room off kitchen

Sarah Bartholomew residence, dining room

Sarah Bartholomew residence, powder bath off kitchen

Sarah Bartholomew residence, family room

Sarah Bartholomew residence, family room, seating in bay window

Sarah Bartholomew residence,master bedroom

Sarah Bartholomew residence,children's bath


what do paris, my southern living show house living room, yves saint laurent, one of my best friends home in nashville, and cy twombley art have in common? well, all of these people, places or things are apart of my favorite pinterest pins this week and they all have a little bit of green in them. here you go , i hope you enjoy a little bit of gorgeous green.

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