The Row Spring 2016


it seems like the “new thing” is to show collections in different locations. first ricardo tisci showed his spring 2016 collection in nyc versus paris, now the row is showing their new spring collection in paris versus nyc…

might be a smart marketing tactic, there is definitely a lot of press that comes with these shifts, but i think the row’s decision to show their beautiful spring 2016 collection outside of paris in a glorious garden will be what everyone remembers.

the graceful and elegant collection with the garden back drop is very inspiring…the clothes speak for themselves, the garden just makes it better.



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Hotel Du Cap-Eden Roc


no question, i am ready for a vacation. one place i’ve been wanting to go is to the hotel du cap-eden roc, in antibes, on the french riviera.

it’s a hotel with quite a history and has been the playground for the rich and chic for years…to be honest i would be happy just spending my entire time at the hotel du-cap in the lobby and lobby bar…just look at these pictures, absolute perfection, and so simple…it’s all about blue and white, comfortable upholstery, brass tables, and large oil landscapes…they make looking pretty so easy.

i’m working on big new project and this room inspires in every way, i can’t help think that the living room billy baldwin once did at la fiorentina, also in the south of france, somehow inspired this room, there are striking similarities…i’m still amazed on how truly simple it is and how right it is…oh my, i love this room!

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Carrier and Company


i love a new interior design book. we have been so immersed in looking at interiors on the web, however, there really is nothing like thumbing through a book and feeling inspired. that’s exactly what happened to me when i sat down to read carrier and company’s new book, positively chic/ order here, i got inspired and got immersed into their timeless and beautiful interiors.

i have been a big fan of carrier and company for a while. two of my favorite houses they designed. catie marron’s hamptons home that was featured in vogue a few years ago and anna wintour’s long island home that was in the world of interiors. i’m smitten with these spaces and i’m an admirer of the talent that’s behind the creation of these homes.

i’m also an admirer of designers that have range, and have the ability to work across different types of homes and styles. carrie and company can do just this, they can do what many designers can’t. they can do traditional, and they can do modern, they can do eclectic and they can do simple, they can do elegant and they can do casual…they can pretty much do anything, and whatever they do it’s guaranteed to be positively chic! enjoy!


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