i know a lot of people have blogged about halcyon house, a new boutique hotel in australia on carabrita beach, but i had to too! after all it is decorated in all blue and white…

australia vogue living just did a feature on the hotel owned by sisters- elisha and siobhan bickle. the 21 room hotel has such a cool and comfortable look, no room is a like and everything is curated beautifully by designer anna spiro. anna also owns a really cool store called black & spiro and has a very well known blog called absolutely beautiful things.

another reason i had to blog about halcyon house is that co-owner elisha bickle is wearing our mds stripes custom full drop hem skirt in the australia vogue living editorial- looks like we all love blue and white with stripes!

Elisha in our MDS Stripes Drop Hem Skirt along with her sister

Elisha in our MDS Stripes Drop Hem Skirt along with her sister Siobhan

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Interior designer Anna Spiro

Interior designer Anna Spiro

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this past weekend i was at a wedding in germany. the wedding took place at an amazing property in the country, the library at the home was the most brilliant shade of bright yellow….i have not been able to get that room out of my mind….

the whole house was spectacular and inspiring, but this particular room was a reminder of how much i love yellow!

here you go, here’s some rooms of my favorite rooms in bright yellow- enjoy!

photographs from pinterest.

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one of most talented and might i add, one of the most beautiful, ladies i know is hayley sarno (a.k.a. lulu de pew). hayley is a jewelry designer and brilliant artist, this is her time…she and her work are turning up everywhere lately..

…she and her glorious apartment were featured in the summer issue of domino, and i must add she was wearing an the M.D.S. Stripes custom button front skirt…her art was featured in last months town & Country….she has been commissioned to work on graphics for chic brands like munder skiles and soane britain, as well as, graphics for the quintessence blog, rollins ingram design, amy berry design and of course she does all of my graphics for my design firm, my stationary and for my M.D.S. Stripes label.

i spent this past weekend with hayley in germany, she got married this weekend to ludwig…the wedding was so chic and effortless just like her.

hayley is a very special individual, truly one of kindest people i know. her grace, beauty, restaint and style is from another time…she lights up every room she walks into, and her talent is immense……. a shining star, and i’m thrilled the world to starting to know.

shop hayley’s stylish stationary here and her new print series here.

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