when i was in dallas recently, having an mds stripes trunk show, i went shopping at stanley korshak and saw these amazing little tops and dresses with colorful embroidery on them. they were so beautiful and so reasonable. then when i went out to highland park village i saw lots of women wearing these clothes. the brand is mi golondrina.

mi golondrina was started by cristina lynch. she wanted to celebrate her mothers mexican heritage and was always drawn to the softness, color and detail of the traditional embroidered clothes. everything is hand made in small villages in mexico.

it so happens that cristina came to our trunk show while we were in dallas and i got to meet her, she’s lovely, and i’ve been following her line and her instagram ever since. i was also so happy to see that vogue.com did a story on her and cinco de mayo.

there’s just something special about mi golondrina clothes, they feel like a celebration. they are pretty, authentic and perfect for summer.

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bunny mellon had so many amazing homes. since her death many of her houses have been sold. tory burch bought her place in antigua (i keep seeing bits on tory’s instagram, can’t wait for the fill unveiling, her upper east side town house has turned a few times, and her fabled cape cod home was purchased by bill and bridget koch’s (fun fact- bridget koch is the aunt of rooney and kate mara).

after the koch’s bought the house they asked kathryn ireland to decorate it. the home is featured in the new house beautiful. kathryn was interviewed by kate betts for the article. it was fun hearing a bit more about the history of the house and the redecorating.

the house was built in the 1940’s by the mellon’s. it was one of bunny mellon’s favorite houses. she entertained a lot there. john and jackie kennedy were frequent guests (all those pictures you see on pinterest of jackie and john on a new england porch sitting in old wicker chairs, they’re at bunny mellon’s).

a lot of bunny’s funiture was left with the house and kathryn used a great deal of it. she also used a lot of pieces that the new owners already had in storage from other homes. i think the house is charming, love all the colors and mix of patterns, that’s what kathryn does best, but what she did really well was keep the essence of bunny- it still feels like bunny mellon’s cape cod.

photographs by james merrell

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OK, i have to admit that this weeks MDS best dressed list is a bit of a combination of the last few weeks….for numerous reasons my Best Dressed list hasn’t been super consistent, but these looks were all too good to pass up…hope you don’t mind.

another observation, besides 10 amazing outfits, is that this week many of my favorite girls are on the list, ones that i talk about all the time or have interviewed- the lsd (read interview here) , marina rust (and her’s here), vanessa traina, charlotte casaraghi and dree hemingway to name a few..

…and not a surprise, like most of the time, the lsd tops the list. this week she is at the washington correspondents dinner in what i think is delpozo– i love her!



10/ Becca Cason Thrash in Gaultier

10/ Becca Cason Thrash in Gaultier

9/ Dree Hemingway

9/ Dree Hemingway in Black and White

8/ Camilla Belle in Bottega veneta

8/ Camilla Belle in Bottega veneta

7/ Annelise Peterson Winter

7/ Annelise Peterson Winter

6/ Vanessa Traina in Proenza Schouler

6/ Vanessa Traina in Proenza Schouler

6/ Marina Rust Connor in a floral dress

5/ Marina Rust Connor in Dries Van Noten

5/ Charlotte Casiraghi in Gucci

4/ Charlotte Casiraghi in Gucci

3/ Kate Bosworth in Dior

3/ Kate Bosworth in Dior

2/ Anya Ziourova in Calvin Klein

2/ Anya Ziourova in Nina Ricci

MDS-BD/78- The LSD in what i think is Delpozo. Love her!

MDS-BD/78- The LSD in what i think is Delpozo. Love her!