Jacquemus Spring 2017


i’d like to think that i’m in the know about what’s going on in the design world, whether it’s interiors or fashion. a name i had not heard before until the recent spring 2017 collections in paris is jacquemus. i thought the collection was pretty and innovative.

simon porte jacquemus, the creative director of jacquemus, is very young and very talented. he was raised in the south of france. i could see this influence on the his spring 2017 collection– the straw hats, peasant blouses, eyelet… i could also see a bit of influence from the 80’s, the strong shoulders and the asymmetrical shapes…glimpses of lacroix, a little of ysl…..

i think this collection was a real stand out. mark my word, everyone is going to be talking about jacquemous. what will they be saying? they’ll be talking about the feminine take on the 80’s, and it was pretty.

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as you know i’m in a neutral mood this week and it looks like i’m not the only one.

the spring 2017 fashion shows have been taking place the last few weeks in europe, i’m seeing a lot of chic ladies in trench coats and chino’s. trench coats are always a good look during this time of year, it’s starting to get a little cooler, a good trench is a must.

i know that khaki’s and trench coats aren’t any thing new, but it looks like neutrals are the big news right now!

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Beautiful Book


chapter two of my new book, Beautiful: All American Decorating and Timeless Style, is all about neutrals. neutrals that are elegant, sophisticated and timeless.

this chapter is made up rooms and homes that i have designed that are neutral in color palette, they are a little glamorous, i like to think of them as a bit of old hollywood. there’s a lot of gilt, parchment, lacquer and chinoiserie is these rooms. there’s also silk, velvet and animal prints in the mix.

when you add into the mix some of design signatures like natural fiber rugs, hand-painted wallpapers, wicker and of course blue and white, what you have are california elegant rooms in timeless neurtals.

i thought it would be fun to pull together some of my favorite neutrals rooms that have been a great source of inspiration and are forever timeless.

order signed copies of Beautiful here.





Markham Roberts- House & Garden

Markham Roberts- House & Garden

Bill Blass

Bill Blass

Mark D. Sikes- Veranda

Mark D. Sikes- Veranda

Darryl Carter- Elle Decor

Annette Tapert- Town & Country

Michael and Alexandra misczynski- Town & Country

Stephen Sills

Stephen Sills

Michael and Alexandra Misczynski- Veranda

Darryl Carter- Elle Decor

Mark D. Sikes- House Beautiful

Darryl Carter- Town & Country

Victoria Hagan- Elle Decor

Vicente Wolf- Elle Decor

Sills and Huniford

Alex papachristidis- House Beautiful

Henri Samuel- Veranda

William Hodgins- House Beautiful

Albert Hadley- House Beautiful

Suzanne Rheinstein- House Beautiful

Michael and Alexandra Misczynski- Vogue

Phoebe Howard- House Beautiful

Mark Hampton