Olé- Part 2

right after the spring 2015 shows i did a feature on dolce & gabbana’s collection, i called the feature olé/ see it here.

there was no question that the collection was inspired by the sacred spanish sport of bull fighting. i’ve always found the costumes bull fighters wear not only inspiring, but sexy (note- i do find the sport itself horrific, by no means am i glorifying or condoning a sport that kills animals).

when i was curating the post back in september i mixed in pictures of matador jose maria manzanares with images of the runway show- i thought this told a beautiful story about the spring 2015 collection…

well, i guess i’m not the only one who felt it told the story of the collection beautifully, the spring 2015 dolce & gabbana campaign just debuted and it features italian model bianca balti and matador jose maria manzanares, that’s right the very same bull fighter i featured in my previous post….

…all i can say is “olé!” enjoy!

1- dolce-gabbana-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign05

2- dolce-gabbana-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign03

3- dolce-gabbana-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign06

4- dolce-gabbana-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign07

5- dolce-gabbana-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign04

6- dolce-gabbana-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign02

7- dolce-gabbana-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign01