i’ve been noticing this girl lately, a new face…

…i’ve kept seeing photographs of her on the streets during a last few fashion weeks…there is just something about her. i don’t particularly love how she dresses, but i do think she is really beautiful.

after a bit of research, here name is ursini gysi, she is a stylist and a model, she’s swiss. she’s definitely got that special something, or at least i think so. enjoy!

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it seems like everyone is heading off somewhere fun soon for spring break, not me, unfortunately i have a packed spring, however, thankful for so many amazing things going on, but if i was to go anywhere, and i will very soon, id head to playa grande beach club in the dominican republic.

playa grande is owned by my friend and peer, the great designer, celerie kemble. it was photographed by francois halard last year for vogue. i went bonkers when i saw the pictures, it looks like the most perfect place, and it is, just look at these new pictures by douglas friedman in the new architectural digest/ see here.

for all of you that are heading off for spring break, have fun, i’ll just be here dreaming of the playa grande.

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i noticed something in the streets during the fall 2105 fashion weeks. well, it wasn’t really new, it was a trend that has been around forever, however, it felt new, looked new, it’s what i’m calling “the new preppy.”

there were navy blazers with gold buttons, button-down collared shirts (most of them were blue), military jacket, checked shirts, cabled sweaters, punches of red, chinos, argyle sweaters, sweaters around the neck, aviators and wayfarers, and yes, there were even stripes- thank god!

i guess it’s nothing that we haven’t before, but somehow it all looked new! enjoy!

photographs from style.com, vogue.com, harpersbazaar.com and wmagazine.com

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