not too long ago i came across this beautiful woman on pinterest… i added her to my beautiful pin board and then to my chic women board…not knowing at the time she was queen paola of belgium.

for some reason, and i can’t imagine why, i had not seen pictures of here before… i did a little research, found out a lot about her and her very interesting and intertwined heritage…but to be completely honest i was and still am simply smitten with her astounding beauty and chic style…i can’t help it, i really love a beautiful woman! enjoy!

1 2 3 4 5 6 6.5 7 8 9 Albert and Paola of Belgium on June 14th,1966.


one of my new favorite designers is simone rocha. every girl should own a piece from the collection, i’m smitten with the black ruffled separates…

the collection is not inexpensive, so every piece is an investment, however, now it’s a little easier to own a piece of simone rocha since they teamed up with j brand to make their signature ruffles in denim- so chic, so pretty! all available now on net-a-porter.

several of the pieces are almost sold out, however, you can still buy the collection here,  but i have a feeling there will be more coming soon- how could there not be? won’t every girl want some pretty denim?!

shop for all my my favorite things in the mds store here– i add new things weekly!


J Brand + Simone Rocha oversized ruffled denim jacket/ buy here

2- J Brand + Simone Rocha oversized ruffled denim jacket 3


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8- J Brand + Simone Rocha denim mini skirt 9


the last few weeks i’ve done several posts on carolyne roehm. i’ve always been a little obsessed with her, with her beauty, her style (she was a fashion fixture in the 80’s and 90’s), her homes and of course because of our mutual passion for blue and white.

from the looks of things it looks like i’m not the only one obsessed with her, whether good or bad, the posts i did on her recently have gotten so many comments….there is something about her that people really respond too- personally, i still think it’s because of her love of blue and white.

i featured carolyne’s bird room in her new charleston home last week. someone commented that there were more pictures of the bird room on carolyne’s blog- of course i checked it out, however, what i found more interesting was what inspired the bird room- claydon house.

i had always seen pictures of claydon house- those rocco and chinois rooms are unforgettable, absolutely breathtaking. john fowler most recently touched the rooms in 1970, he introduced the peacock colored paint. claydon house is in buckinghamshire and dates back to 1757.

enjoy a peek into the inspiration of carolyne’s charleston bird room, yet another reason i’m just a tad bit obsessed with her!


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