Architectural Digest, July/August 2022


We are absolutely thrilled to have the work that we did with Nancy Meyers on her home featured in the new Summer issue of Architectural Digest! If you would have told me 10 years ago that I’d get the opportunity to work with one of my idols and design heroes on her home, I would have thought you were nuts. Dreams really do come true! In addition, I learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and met a friend. There are no words to describe how beautiful I think Nancy’s home is, not because of me, but because of her.

Biggest thanks to the entire team at Mark D. Sikes Interiors; all of you played a part and I can't do anything without you. Tremendous thanks to photographer, Amy Neunsinger, who is my creative partner forever. With architecture by Loren Kroeger, landscaping by Deborah Nevins, flowers by Joseph Free, lighting design by Vita Pehar, and stonework by Chateau Domingue, we’re so grateful to the amazing team that made this all happen. Thank you to Catherine Hong for your beautiful words and thank you always to Amy AstleyAlison LevasseurMichael Scott Shome, and Madeline O'Malley for supporting our work!

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