Let There be Light


We are so excited to be launching not one, but two beautiful lighting collections at High Point Market this week. A second collection with Hudson Valley Lighting, spawned from the great success of our last HVL collection and a new outdoor lighting collection with Troy Lighting that I’m extremely proud of. Last year was a tough one for everyone, but there were a lot of good things that emerged. For us, these two lighting collections were a bright spot and we cannot wait to actually celebrate these debuts with some of you in person. We’d love to hear what you think about the lights. Your feedback and your insights mean the world to us. It might sound a bit hokey but I always say #lettherebelight and we have some beautiful lights.

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Mark D. Sikes for Hudson Valley Lighting 

More Classics, my new lighting collection with Hudson Valley Lighting debuts today at High Point Market. There are more than 50 new lights! A continuation of the first collection, More Classics features recurring themes like painted shades and spherical forms infused with a British sensibility for a captivating second act.

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Blue and white has been a recurring theme in my body of work, guiding my design approach from a place of pure passion. Decoratively, blue and white porcelain holds strong yet soft dynamic that can add pattern, color, and novelty to a space. Whether the motif comes to life through textiles, wall coverings, or accents, the pairing imparts a sense of history and timeless elegance into any space.


More Classics should do the same for a room, bringing both beautiful aesthetics and a sense of agelessness to any environment. I envision these pieces holding their own against different backdrops, classically designed for today and beyond.

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Mark D. Sikes for Troy Lighting

Introducing my new outdoor lighting collection with Troy Lighting — debuting today at High Point Market. The collection is inspired by my favorite counties in California and is appropriately called The Beautiful Outdoors. From the lush hills of Napa to the palm-lined streets of Santa Barbara, California perfectly illustrates the disparate terrain and identities within the American landscape.

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As a California-based interior design firm, we’ve really embraced the indoor-outdoor lifestyle. We took Mediterranean influences from the ocean-side counties of Santa Barabara, Monterey, and industrial inspiration from more rural Lake County. Sutter County has a modern influence with clean lines while Napa County has European flair.


While the collection pays homage to California, I envision these pieces all over-from the mountains of Montana and idyllic lakefronts of the Midwest to the sprawling gardens of the South and rocky shores of the East Coast.

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