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About a year and a half ago we embarked on another update to our home. As our lives change so should our homes. I wanted to use every room in our house. We barely used the living room, the largest room in our house, because it was so formal. It's also the room most adjacent to our patio and gardens. On the other hand I had this growing collection books and had to find a home for them.

That's how it all started. I designed some book shelves to put in the corners of the living room. Moved a lot of furniture around to create comfortable seating arrangements. Added slipcovers, lots of linen, and some chintz. Layered the room with wicker and Anglo Indian antiques. Instantly the room was more casual and inviting. The perfect place to kick up my legs, look into the garden and read all of my books.

Of course there was a trickle effect, the dining room had to be updated now to flow with the new mood of the living room. I wanted to keep it simple and causal so I covered the walls, windows, even the dining table with a cornflower and white cotton check. The walls are now lined with banquettes and wicker chairs surround the table. And so it goes, one room informed the other... soon the entire house got touched...everything became more casual and inviting.

Throughout this new design process I was designing new fabrics for Schumacher, a new table top collection with Blue Pheasant, lights with Hudson Valley and a new rug and bedding collection with Annie Selke. It was so fun and exciting to integrate all of these products I'm so close to and in love with into my own home. The casual California spirit in each of these collections continue to tell a beautiful story.

I want to thank Architectural Digest for telling this story in their new June issue on stands now. The story of how our homes can change as our lives change. It's also thrilling to see how all of our new products we are so proud of fit into our world so beautifully. I really like being at home in AD.


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