More Beautiful is Here!


More Beautiful is here today!! I could not be more excited that launch day is officially here, and cannot wait for anyone who pre-ordered to receive their copies very soon! If you've been following me on @markdsikes_interiors and @markdsikes, you may have started to notice images like this coming up in my posts and stories. As you receive your books, please share them with me on Instagram by tagging us, and using the hashtag #moretostack and #morebeautifulbook!


I'm so proud of this book. In many ways, it is a continuation of my first book, Beautiful, but is is organized by style rather than by color. It is absolutely chock full of images and stories about projects I've designed over the years, and I hope you find in it inspiration and beauty, which I believe we all need more of now than ever.


All month on our Instagram, I have been sharing what I've been calling "inside" details of the new book...well, here's why! The inside of the book jacket is a detail I'm particularly proud of: a beautiful grid of details from projects throughout the book. Thank you for all of your support leading up to this exciting launch!


Click the book cover or the link below to order your copy today!


Of course my first book, Beautiful, is also still for sale, and makes a "beautiful" compliment to the second book. They are each even better as part of a pair! Click the image to the right, or link below to order.