Mark D. Sikes for Chaddock Catalog

It's time, it's time! We're proud to reveal to you today the full catalog for the Mark D. Sikes for Chaddock furniture line. In addition to all the technical details on each of the pieces, you will find beautiful photography that illustrates the concepts and ideas behind this collection. We hope you enjoy it!

We believe in the importance of surrounding yourself with a home you find beautiful, rejuvenating, and inspiring; curating, customizing, and collecting furniture pieces that speak to you allows you to create spaces that feel personal and fulfilling. Each piece in this collection, 2 years in the making, has truly been built with love, and we know you will find within it pieces that feel All-American, yet modern and eclectic, and most importantly, personal and beautiful.

Click here to view the catalog...

As you know, TOMORROW, Andrew Crone, CEO of Chaddock, and I, will be hosting a live event! Andrew will be in the Chaddock showroom in North Carolina to show some of these pieces up close, and I'll be talking more about the ideas behind the collection from my studio in Los Angeles. If you haven't already, click here to register. From the safety of your own homes, you'll be able to join in for the presentation, and pose questions we will answer at the end. Hope to see you there!
Wallpaper in invitation by Iksel Decorative Arts, available through Schumacher