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We are honored and thrilled to have our Miami project featured by Architectural Digest. This exclusive showcase marks the project's debut and offers a glimpse into my upcoming book, Forever Beautiful, launching this September.

While only a few decades old, this home radiates a timeless elegance that recalls the early 20th-century designs of renowned South Florida architect Addison Mizner. Our goal with this project was to honor the grand architectural traditions of that era, making the house feel as if it had always been part of the landscape. At the same time, we aimed to decorate it in a way that was timeless yet casual and joyful. The interior palette was inspired by the neighborhood's roaming peacocks and the property's lush gardens.

This home is rich with special details. We partnered with Joseph Steiert, a decorative painter we often collaborate with to hand-paint archival stencil patterns on the expansive ceilings, columns, and arches. Additionally, we thoughtfully integrated the family's contemporary art collection in innovative and unexpected ways.

This home is the first chapter, "January," in Forever Beautiful, fittingly embodying the book's theme of nature and its inspiration. Pre-order your copy to explore this project and eleven others debuting this September. With your pre-order, you will receive a signed copy and an exclusive invitation to our virtual book launch, where the Forever Beautiful documentary will be presented for the first time. I am eagerly looking forward to sharing the entire book with you all!

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Forever Beautiful is now available for pre-order. Reserve your signed copy through the MDS Website - the only place to receive a signed copy & an exclusive invitation to our book launch event, personally hosted by Mark. With your invitation, you will receive access to a behind the scenes look at the making of Forever Beautiful. Immerse yourself in the creative journey as Mark presents a documentary-style video with behind-the-scenes footage, insightful interview discussion, and a look into the inspiration and creative process behind a few of the projects showcased in the book. Join us in celebrating the launch of this book together!