one kings lane is doing a tastemaker tag sale today on guess who? me/ shop here! we have curated a sale with all of my favorite things, actually it’s all of my own things, things i love and things that i’m excited to have other people enjoy!

we worked on the presentation closely with the one kings lane team. the sale takes you on a tour of our home and you can see many of the things available in the pictures….there are rattan and bamboo chairs, eclectic art, great accessories, beautiful lighting, lots of pillows, i especially love all the striped pillows, and of course my signature, several pieces of blue and white!

the sale has taken me a bit down memory lane which has been really fun, it’s made me think of all the purchase, the finds, the stories that went along with all of these things, things that i have loved and things that have brought us so much joy…i only hope that they will do the same for the new owners, its nice to know that all of these special things will have new homes!

happy thanksgiving everyone- i hope you all get to spend time with the ones you love! we have a lot to be thankful for!


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Caroline Sieber at home


Every once in a while there is an editorial that takes your breath away, that has something special about it, it feels fresh and innovative, yet familiar. it’s something you can’t stop looking at and when you go onto social media, you realize you aren’t the only one, the story has taken hold of others and there is a flurry of activity and accolades….that’s exactly what has happened when newlyweds caroline sieber and fritz von westenholz new london home and family homes were featured in the new december issue of vogue.

there is so much to love about their new townhouse, i love the zuber chinoiserie wallpaper in the living room, and how the room is settled with solids of divine color on the furnishings…that brilliant red stair runner is stunning. i love the blue dining room/ library, not just for it’s function, but mostly for it’s beauty…the perfect blue paint on the cabinets, the braquenié panel on the window, and of course the stripe on the dining chairs sent me into orbit (note- caroline uses stripes throughout).

the editorial also gives us a peek into caroline and fritz’s family homes and into their influences and upbringings….fritz’s home, barrows, in the country side, and caroline’s in austria…..both these kids came from families with sensational taste and style, it’s just apparent and real.

you must pick up the issue and read the story by hamish bowles. i have to say my favorite thing about the article it when caroline says, “i would always insist on doing it on my own, i can dress myself—why wouldn’t i be able to decorate my own home?” good for her and how successful she has been, but i have to say, most people can’t really dress themselves well, therefore caroline had a slight advantage to say the least! enjoy!

photographs by oberto gili.

London Town House

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Fritz’s Families English Country House, Barrows

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Caroline’s Austrian Family Home


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Caroline and Fritz on their wedding day in vogue




MDS Stripes started out a few seasons ago with blue and white striped knits and a custom ball skirt program, over time the collection has evolved and grown. the silhouettes are classic and timeless, the details are beautiful and elegant…..i love true american sportswear and that’s exactly what MDS Stripes is all about…easy, simple and beautiful sportswear made with 100 percent cotton and made in california.

our spring 2016 collection is available for pre-order now on moda operandi. this is the second time we have been featured on moda. we are also now a part of the moda operandi boutique, you can shop resort 2016 here.

we are calling the MDS Stripes Spring 2015 collection “ballet stripes”. i was inspired by the ballet…. there are wrap skirts and lots of ruffles and bows. we introduced several new stripes this season and played with patch pockets and contrast applications. the capri pant is a new big idea, we love them worn under are new side button dress or with a white blouse and the everything scarf wrapped around the waist.

pre-order the spring 2016 mds stripes collection on moda operandi here…..there is nothing more beautiful than a ballet, and there is nothing more classic than blue and white stripes….here are some new images of the collection, photographed by amy neunsinger, and a peek into some of the fitting of our “ballet stripes”!

1- mds_stripes_smr_2016_01_Patch Pocket Mini_Crew Neck Tee_Cropped Peasant Top-0822 1.5 1.6 2- mds_stripes_smr_2016_02_Fullback Shirtdress_Lauren Fitted Tee-0871 2.5 2.6 4- mds_stripes_smr_2016_03_Contrast Placket Peasant Blouse_Paley Pencil_Side Button Dress, Lucy Short-1061 4.4 4.5 5- mds_stripes_smr_2016_05_Donna Dress_Row Blouse_ Capri Pant_ Sash-1297 5.5 6- mds_stripes_smr_2016_06_Sleeveless Fullback Blouse_Lucy Short_Fullback Dress-1393 6.5 6.6 7- mds_stripes_smr_2016_07_Long Wrap Skirt_Tank_Marina Dress-1480 7.7 8- mds_stripes_smr_2016_09_Ali Crew Dress_Cropped Peasant Top_Pleated Short_ Everything Scarf-1650 8.4 8.5 9- mds_stripes_smr_2016_08_Wrap Dress_Button Down Dress-1547 9.5

9.7 10- mds_stripes_smr_2016_10_Patch Pocket Tunic_Paley Pen Lucy Short_Patch Pocket Shirtdress-1699 10.5 10.6 11- mds_stripes_smr_2016_11_Criss Cross Ball Gown_MDS Shawl_Inverted Pleat Skirt _ Criss Cross Shell-1807 11.5