i’m kinda on a white kick right now, maybe it’s because it’s summer or because of wimbledon, not sure, but it looks like i’m not the only loving white….from the looks of it, a lot of people are wearing white shirts to the men’s spring 2016 shows in europe.

street fashion is mostly about the outlandish, being over the top and doing everything to be seen and noticed, however, it’s nice to see the classic white shirt out and about and in the streets…

of course it’s all about the basic and essential button up dress shirt with a collar, but you’ll also notice a lot of white band collar shirts and some longer tunic style white shirts…what ever the style, it’s all about a white shirt right now!

photographs from style.com, vogue.com, wwd.com, wmagazine.com and gq.com

They Are Wearing: Milan Men’s Fashion Week

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summer is all about white…doesn’t everyone look good in all-white during the summer? especially if you have a tan….i love a lady in a simple white dress with spaghetti straps or strapless, or how about a simple white shirtdress…

…and there really isn’t anything i love more than an all white room….there’s just something about summer whites…

in just a few days we will be adding a bit of red and blue to all-white, but until then let’s just make it all about white- summer whites!



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(KIKA) - MILANO  - Come ogni Fashion Week che si rispetti, anche Milano ha la sua passerella en plein air. Ma a sfilare non sono le modelle, regine della passerella, bensì le giornaliste e le fashion blogger, coloro che decretano cosa è fashion e cosa è demodé.In testa, naturalmente, Anna Wintour, direttore di Vogue America, la guru della moda, immortalata sul grande schermo da Meryl Streep nel film Il Diavolo veste Prada. Oltre alla terribile signora Wintour, dall'eterno e inamovibile caschetto castano, la giornalista Anna dello Russo, la fashion blogger Anna Battaglia, la modella e trendsetter Candela Novembre e la fotografa Zhanna Bianca, oltre che una star come Georgia May Jagger.






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this is the time of year everyone likes to go to the beach, and if you are going to go and spend time at the beach you need a chic beach retreat like these by spanish designer isabel lópez- quesada.

i discovered isabel’s work a while ago, a home she had designed was in the world of interiors. i am drawn to her eclectic spaces, there is something fresh and modern about them, yet very comfortable, they feel like living spaces, spaces that have life and that are beautiful!

…..there are always a lot of pillows and wicker, rustic painted furniture, baskets, potted plants, large tables for stacks of books, big comfy sofas, natural fiber rugs, an array of occasional chairs…and there are always a few stripes and some blue and white, which i love, and i’m sure you all already know that by now!

here are a few of my favorite spaces by isabel, perfect beach retreats!


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