it’s friday, i better get my Friday Favorites post posted before it’s saturday…

- i love blue and white and i love my sweet friend and fellow blogger Paloma Contreras, she did a post this week and Pierre Frey’s Toiles De Nantes, the best post i’ve seen anyone do in a long time, take a look here

- The Sartorialist captured a rare beauty recently, i had to share the picture, there is just something really special about this young ladies beauty…

- everybody’s talking about Dodie Thayer’s dishes for Tory Burch, i had to also because they are great and soon as i get a minute i’m going to buy the whole set…

- Rebecca de Ravenel, who works in my office, was just interview for the world of aerin, get a glimpse into the world of rebecca

- Céline has a new headquarters in Paris, another topic a lot of people are talking about this week, see the whole story here or in the new issue of WSJ

- i like Chloe Sevigny, i always have, i like that she’s different and has her own sense of style, she has a new book coming out with Rizzoli/ buy here…i really love the pink gingham cover.

happy weekend everyone!

p.s. here are a few of my favorite pinterst pins this week, i’m seeing a bit of springs green…

Toiles de Nantes- La Dolce Vita Blog

1- toile-de-nantes-HB-PB-600x723

A Beauty captured by The Sartorialist


Dodie Thayer for Tory Burch

3- TB_11157315_302_D

Rebecca de Ravenel on The World of Aerin


Céline’s new headquarters in Paris

5- Celine-maison-on-rue-Vivienne1

Chloe does a book


My Favorite Pinterest Pins this week 1 2 3 4 5