i was just in houston and i could just kick myself for not going to see the rothko exhibit, mark rothko: a restrospective at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

the exhibit comprises more than 60 paintings that trace the artists full career, highlighting milestones in the development of his signature style. these 60 paintings are very special, they were rothko’s own that were given to the national gallery of art back in 1986.

houston is also the home of the rothko chapel, which was founded by dominique and john de menil and was created to be a sanctuary for people of every belief. mark rothko was commissioned by the de menils and was given the opportunity to shape and control the entire environment. rothko worked closely with philip johnson on original plans….i missed this on my visit too…

i was so taken with the traditional architecture of houston, all the big white houses in the river oaks neighborhood, i could have driven around for hours, i guess i missed all the beautiful modern art….but, i will return very soon, i have until january 2016….i just have to see these magnificent works by rothko.

here are some images of rothko’s work in the homes of some pretty influential tastemakers and a peek inside the exhibit via peter coppings instagram.

Peter Copping Instagram-  Houston Museum of Fine Arts

Peter Copping Instagram-
Houston Museum of Fine Arts

Ann and Sid Bass' Home designed by Mark Hampton

Ann and Sid Bass’ Home designed by Mark Hampton

Albert Hadley

Albert Hadley

Sao Schlumberger's Paris Home

Sao Schlumberger’s Paris Home

Bunny Mellon's Home

Bunny Mellon’s Home

Bunny Mellon's Home

Bunny Mellon’s Home

Peter Copping Instagram-  Houston Museum of Fine Arts

Peter Copping Instagram-
Houston Museum of Fine Arts


i received my new house beautiful a few weeks ago, i was quite taken with a project of steven gambrel’s, a home he decorated in the hamptons/ see project here. it got me thinking that no one really does a blue room quite like steven, he just gets it right every time.

if i had to put my finger on it, i’d say he is a genius with paint, he always picks the right blue, and the he does great things with the trim, either a shade of blue lighter or even darker….then there are the fabrics and trims…the perfect mix of patterns and solids in the prettiest blue hues…all set against magnificent rugs, dramatic lights and occasional furnishings with a lot of texture…i’m not kidding, no one does a blue room like steven…

….i also got to thinking that his blue rooms look and feel like the perfect blue shirt, and there is really nothing better than a favorite blue shirt…when i look at these rooms, i can’t help but think of casual, comfortable and chic blue shirts…maybe it’s just me, but hopefully you’ll see what i mean!

see more of steven’s work here and shop all of my favorite blue shirts here.

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1 12- SR-JacksonSq-08 13- SR-JacksonSq-012 14- SR-JacksonSq-013 15- SR-JacksonSq-011

4 5 5.5 6 16- dam-images-decor-2014-06-robert-stern-and-steven-gambrel-long-island-beach-house-02-living-room 17- dam-images-decor-2014-06-robert-stern-and-steven-gambrel-long-island-beach-house-04-kitchen 18- dam-images-decor-2014-06-robert-stern-and-steven-gambrel-long-island-beach-house-05-kitchen 19- dam-images-decor-2014-06-robert-stern-and-steven-gambrel-long-island-beach-house-08-upper-hallway 20- dam-images-decor-2014-06-robert-stern-and-steven-gambrel-long-island-beach-house-11-master-bedroom 21- dam-images-decor-2014-06-robert-stern-and-steven-gambrel-long-island-beach-house-12-outdoor-dining-area


sundays mornings are my only day to rest in a bit, by that i mean i don’t get up at six am, i usually check instagram, read the paper and new magazines, send a few texts, then i go on pinterest and start pinning….i can’t think of anything i enjoy more…

here are my favorite pinterest pins this week….a few bedrooms, a cy twombly, a great house, a green garden, a beautiful solarium, some street fashion, a bit of navy and a lot of blue, which i’m sure is not much of a surprise, and all of it is tied up with a few bows….

enjoy your sunday!

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