I’m gearing up for a very busy fall. one of the things i’m most excited about and most proud of is my new fabric collection with schumacher. i don’t want to spoil too much, but i do want to give you a preview. i’ve created some mood boards, i love a mood board, made some renderings and photographed some of the patterns in my garden.

i started working on this collection with schumacher almost 2 years ago.  such an honor to work with in my opinion the very best fabric house- everything they are doing is sensational! when i was thinking about the collection, of course i wanted to create beautiful fabrics, i also wanted to create fabrics i’d use over and over again. i had to have a pretty chinoiserie floral, a smart ikat, a playful paisley (my new paisley medallion is spectacular if i say so myself) and of course a perfect stripe. BTW there are two perfect stripes.

i know everyone is expecting blue and white from me, as you should. and there is blue and white, but there’s also a lot more….you’ll see. the collection is named after my favorite places in california. each pattern, each color, and each fabric captures the california spirit. it’s #onthemark !

the collection is available on line September 3rd and in schumacher showrooms september 6th. get ready, the collection is beautiful and it’s more than just blue and white.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 3.57.22 AM

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have you ever thought about what chinoiserie would look like at the beach? i hadn’t either until i started looking at all of my favorite pinterest pins this week all together.

here are several colorful rooms with chinoiserie and then a few beach scenes…red is the common theme. i like the way it looks all together.

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1- Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 8.24.34 PM 2- Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 8.24.02 PM 3- Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 8.23.41 PM 4- e09bc9b022fc83dfdb65a3e4e3d936be 5- d897185c88bbf0d3c31f8b1c3c1d732d 6- 865cb7712ac312a3a9f56a069520cc25 7- 236833f2350d7b91ce6740f16b38326e 8- 10bf522657fa877b5cdce3c12121cd5d

Audrey Hepburn sul set del film 'Due per la strada' diretto da Stanley Donen. 1967

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i’m about to go into a very busy time. it’s going to be a busy fall. i sure wish i could get-a-way this labor day weekend and go somewhere fabulous. i’ve always wanted to go to portugal, i think it’s something to do with all the portuguese blue and white that’s drawing me in.

i just heard about this place casa mae– doen’t it look wonderful? it’s located in lagos which is in southern portugal. the property is centered around a 19th century family house with five suites. the house has fabulous gardens that provide the food for chef pedro limao’s cuisine. the house is 5 minutes from the beach.

there are three cabana’s that sit next to the garden and then there is a modern structure that has been built called jogo da bola. there are rooms, a bar, a restaurant, a store and an open cinema- i think it’s where everyone hangs out.

i’m a sucker for marketing and casa mae’s marketing is beautiful and draws you right in. konstantine kakanias did the art work- isn’t it great?

whose ready for a chic labor day get-a-way? if you make it it to casa mae, make sure you pick me up some blue and white!

Casa Mae

Casa Mae

a suite inside casa mae

A suite inside Casa Mae



inside the cabanas

Inside the Cabanas

jogo da bola

Jogo da Bola

a room inside the jogo bola

A room inside the Jogo Bola


Lagos, Portugal

7- lagos cidade igreja 8- amado 9- agos telhados 2 10- lagos_slideshow 11- lagos_slide