there are very few people that when i meet them i’m blown away by their beauty and their style. kendall conrad, the accessory designer, is one of those beauties. i met her sometime last year at a party at the brentwood country mart and  our meeting has stuck with me.

i’ve been talking about neutrals a lot lately, yesterday i posted about the color black. seemed fitting to highlight kendall during this time.

when i met kendall (read more about her here) she was wearing a black blouse and a short white skirt. her hair was flowing and her skin was sun kissed and glowing. she was adorned with her own simple classic leather accessories and gold jewelry. it felt like she had stepped right out of a 70’s vogue.

i love a classic beauty, it’s even better when they are nice and have style.

for more classic style follow kendall on instagram here.


la-ig-0622-conrad-20140718 one_kings_lane_kendall_portrait2



i’m a little funny. i tend to like the opposite of what seems to be the obvious. summer is usually all about color and pattern, but what i’m liking right now is black. black in a bold, graphic and modern way.

i’m not sure how to pinpoint where this inspiration is coming from. might be from a house we installed last week. the house had very dark shingles, almost black, with white trim. the interiors were punctuated throughout with black accents in the hardware, the lighting and the art. there was just something about it all that felt fresh.

not many would think of black as being fresh, but that’s what i think about black right now.

photographs from pinterest.

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