one kings lane stopped by my house a few weeks ago and i gave them a tour. want to come along? take the tour here.

one kings lane has been a great supporter of my work. i’ve enjoyed partnering with them throughout the years whether it be a tastemaker sale, a tour or a holiday gift wrapping collaboration.

last year we did a gift wrapping together. our papers sold out in a few days. made sense to do it again. this time we are doing four papers all in my new schumacher fabric patterns/ shop here. i can’t wait to wrap all my gifts this year with these papers. i bet you know what i’ll be giving… guessed it, most likely i’ll be giving my new book Beautiful.

thanks one kings lane for stopping by. i enjoyed our tour. i can’t believe the holidays are right around the corner. it’s time to start getting ready especially is you are wanting them to be beautiful.




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MDS and Henredon


So it’s here, my new furniture and accessory collection with Henredon. The collection is debuting this weekend at High Point Fall 2016 Market. If you are in High Point please join us today to celebrate the collection, along with a beautiful book book signing, from 3:30 to 5:30 at the Henredon showroom at Market Square.

The collection is called CALIFORNIA TODAY, it’s inspired by California’s year round indoor outdoor living. It’s easy, elegant, comfortable and inviting no matter where you live.

A collection of signature pieces I have designed or collected over the years. The proportions have attitude, nothing is uptight, everything is comfortable, and every piece is defined and refined with details.

I believe every room should have a slipper chair, a smart occasional table, a pedestal with an urn, hurricane or even a small piece of art displayed, a piece of chinosierie and a magnificent mirror reflecting all the beauty in the room. Texture and materials are important as function and comfort. There’s parchment, fumed oak, lacquer, rattan, cane and rush sitting beside effortless upholstery.

The collection is All- Americana and traditional in its roots with Asian, Neo-classical and French influences. feels modern. The eclectic mix that feels approachable and relaxed just like California living.

Here’s a peek into the lifestyles, and a glimpse of the collection. I’m very proud of the collection, i think it’s BEAUTIFUL, and i think you will too.

If you would like to see more of the collection, please visit the Henredon website here and if you want to get access to the collection please call 1-800-225-7576. 

Bel- Air Lifestyle

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Pacific Palisades Lifestyle

canopy_bed_01 nightstand_01 settee

Montecito Lifestyle

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Brentwood Lifestyle

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Spring is here, time to color your mds stripes. our new spring 2017 collection is available now for pre-order on moda operandi- shop now here.

i love this collection because it takes our classic stripes and celebrates them with added color. we are adding orange, red and robins egg in with our blue and white. the collection is fun and fresh.

we still have our peasant silhouettes and ruffles, but have added in some new shapes. we are very excited about our new palazzo pant that comes in three colors and our everything top that is truly everything.

shop now, spring will be here before you know it and of course you will need some new stripes!

photographs by amy neunsinger

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