Veranda July/ August 2016


if you haven’t already, you must pick up the new july/august issue of veranda. the issue is beautiful, and if that isn’t enough, one of our Mark D. Sikes interior design projects is featured. it’s thrilling to be featured in veranda, but it’s even more thrilling to help create a wonderful home for a really special family.

the home is in montecito california. it’s a mediterrean house right on the pacific ocean. i was given the challenge to take a somewhat grand home and make it more comfortable and functional. the client wanted a blue and white palette and i was up for the task.

i neutralized all of the walls in the house with a lovely off white plaster; stained the floors dark; spruced up the existing terracotta tiles by adding in some blue and white portuguese tiles; and then i filled the house with comfortable furnishing, loads of texture, vintage textiles and curated treasures.

the best part about living in california is the weather, so with all my projects i aim to connect the indoors with the outdoors and open up the spaces so they connect and relate….i can’t think of anything better than connecting the inside of a home to the ocean. the color of the sand, the water and the sky inspired the palette and the mood.

this home was a dream to work on. designing is a very rewarding job. it’s wonderful to always be creative, to feel inspired and create beautiful spaces. but the best part about it is how you connect with people and the relationships it can form. without question from start to finish this project has been a california dream. enjoy!


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Jenny Walton


jenny walton is an illustrator who has become a street star.

her look is ladylike. a mix of vintage and timeless classics. you can often see her with her pulled back in a chignon, rhinestone earrings in her ears, wearing a pretty dress or a blouse and a skirt, layered with a military jacket, and finished off with a basket bag and a kitten heel.

i believe she was discovered by the sartorialist, i guess she really made an impact on him (scott schulman), now they are dating. from what i have read, they are working together, her title is the sartorialist creative director.

if you don’t already, you should should follow jenny’s instagram. it’s great.

photographs from pinterest.

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Bill Cunningham


bill cunningham, the legendary ny times fashion photographer, died this past weekend at 87. i was taken aback by the out pouring of love he received on social media. literally every single person that i follow on instagram posted a message in the few hours after the news broke of his passing. it was so beautiful and moving.

bill started his career as a hat maker, then moved on to fashion. he worked briefly for women’s wear daily. he loved photography and loved capturing people with personal style in the streets. he reported for the ny times for almost 40 years capturing street fashion and the nyc social party scene.

he became a style icon himself, running around midtown in his bright blue french workers jacket, chinos and black tennis shoes. i just love that color of blue he wore. the french government bestowed on him the legion of honor in 2008. the new yorks landmarks conservancy made him a living landmark in 2009, and in 2010, a documentary, bill cunningham new york, premiered with great reviews. he never saw the film, however, he did work the opening party, capturing the scene and the fashion.

i never met bill, but i did see him in action on several occasions. many times seeing him riding his bike around mid town with his camera around his neck or at uptown social events. most recently at the new york botanical garden’s orchid dinner. watching him was like poetry in motion.

bill was a legend and an icon. he will be known for so much more than just being the first street fashion photographer. one thing i have always heard is that bill was a gentleman. i think arthur ochs sulzberger jr. summed it up perfectly in the times when he said, “his company was sought about after by the fashion world’s rich and powerful, yet he remained one of kindest, most generous and humble people have ever met…we lost a legend, and….a friend.”

like i said, i never met bill, and i have very little first hand knowledge of him, but i always got the sense he was kind, gentle, and down to earth. he touched people, he made people feel special. he was a true portrait of a gentlemen.

RIP Bill Cunningham (March 13, 1929- June 25, 2016)

Illustration by Jean Phillipe del Homme

Illustration by Jean Phillipe del Homme

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PARIS, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 30:  Bill Cunningham attends the Valentino show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 on September 30, 2014 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Pierre Suu/Getty Images)

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RIP Bill Cunningham (March 13, 1929- June 25, 2016)