Carolina Herrera Baez


michael and i just arrived in spain, on our way to a really special friends wedding….so in route to here i started thinking about all things related to spain….this will be a theme this week for sure!

i’ve have always admired carolina herrera baez’s style and beauty, she lives in spain, she is married to a very handsome spanish bullfighter. she has a home in madrid and a country house in cáceres, spain.

carolina’s homes are super chic…there are some themes…she likes pink, and like me she loves blue and white, i even see a few stripes….she likes a trim, a floral print, a suzani, and a daybed…everything is beautiful and all looks comfortable….

we’ve only been in spain a day, but thus far, just like carolina’s world, all is beautiful!

carolina’s madrid home photographs from elle decor.


Carolina in the country- Cáceres, Spain

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Carolina in the city- Madrid, Spain- Elle decor

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It’s friday, time for MDS Friday favorites..

– i always love to get more peeks into aerin lauders southampton home and into her world, this time by garance doré …i love pretty much everything about these pictures, especially aerin in stripes!

– i saw this blue and white room by stephen sills this week on architectural digest AD Daily….stephen sure can decorate!

– it was announced this week that yves saint laurent will be returning to couture, hedi slimane will debut his first collection with spring 2016….i always say “when couture is doing well, all is well!”

– i love a royal wedding. princess grace’s grandson, princess caroline’s son, pierre casaraghi married beatrice borromeo this week, she wore valentino.

– paloma contreras is a dear friend, she blogged about our new mds stripes resort 2016 collection this week on her fabulous blog la dolce vita….the collection is available on moda operandi now, and we just found out that they are continuing the trunk show for another week…looks like collection is doing really well!

have a great weekend!

Aerin on Garance Doré

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Stephen Sills room

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Yves Saint Laurent Couture is returning


A Royal Wedding

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MDS Stripes on La Dolce Vita

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My Favorite Pinterest Pins this week

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in yesterday’s post/ see here on michael deperno, i mentioned being introduced to him by a few elle decor features, one from 2001, another in 2004….both of them being cottages in l.a.. not sure if it’s the same space redecorate or if they are separate homes…..which ever the case, i love them both and had saved these in my design file for years….

i love the mix of things, natural and beautiful, i think you will too…enjoy!!

Elle Decor- 2001- Jeremy Samuelson Photographs

Michael Deperno - Elle Decor - Jeremy Samuelson Michael Deperno - Elle Decor - Jeremy Samuelson1 Michael Deperno - Elle Decor - Jeremy Samuelson2 Michael Deperno - Elle Decor - Jeremy Samuelson3 Michael Deperno - Elle Decor - Jeremy Samuelson4 Michael Deperno - Elle Decor - Jeremy Samuelson5 Michael Deperno - Elle Decor - Jeremy Samuelson6

Elle Decor- 2004- John Coolidge Photographs

1- Michael DePerno - Elle Decor - John Coolidge 3 2- Michael DePerno - Elle Decor - John Coolidge 2 3- Michael DePerno - Elle Decor - John Coolidge 1 4- Michael DePerno - Elle Decor - John Coolidge 5- Michael DePerno - Elle Decor - John Coolidge 5 6- Michael DePerno - Elle Decor - John Coolidge 4