Elle Decor: Alpine Elegance


We are thrilled to have our very special project in Vail, Colorado featured by Elle Decor with beautiful photographs by Amy Neunsinger and a special story by David Nash. A big thank you to Ingrid AbramovitchAsad Syrkett, and Bebe Howorth for making this possible.

This home was a very special project, as it was designed in close collaboration with our wonderful client to bring the vision to fruition. With the home's contemporary architecture our goal was to infuse layers of warmth, elegance, and luxury into the space, while allowing the beautiful natural surroundings to influence the interior color palette. It was so special to shop alongside the client for the beautiful antiques, artistic elements, and art that adorn every corner of the home.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to our exceptional vendors - first and foremost, Valley Drapery, our primary workroom, Demiurge and Gregorius Pineo for their exquisite furniture, Charles Edwards and Collier Webb for their contributions to lighting and hardware, and RW Guild for the one of kind handmade beautiful ceramic and porcelain pieces. We also took special care in incorporating pieces by emerging artists represented by Gerald Bland like John RosisKinuko Imai Hoffman, and Janet Bruce, as well as extraordinary lamps and candlesticks by Eve Kaplan, all of which added a unique charm and warmth to the space. Our goal was to seamlessly blend the outdoor ambiance with indoor comfort. The majestic mountains and trees, along with the client's collection of 18th-century tapestries, helped to influence the rich color scheme of the interiors filled with beautiful shades of green, chestnut, and caramel.

This home, alongside eleven others, will be featured in my upcoming book, Forever Beautiful: All-American Style All Year Long, debuting in September. Stay tuned for further updates and collaborations surrounding the book launch - follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news!

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