From Mark's Desk

We are excited to announce that, FOREVER BEAUTIFUL, our third and final book in the Beautiful trilogy, is now available for pre-order! FOREVER BEAUTIFUL celebrates interiors influenced by nature, featuring twelve projects corresponding to each month of the year. The book highlights homes across various locations such as Chicago, Boca Raton, East Hampton, and others, each reflecting the seasons and their surroundings.

To celebrate the launch, I would like to offer something special for those who pre-order a signed copy through MARKDSIKES.COM. At the end of September, I will be hosting an exclusive digital book launch party!

With your invitation, you will receive access to a behind the scenes look at the making of FOREVER BEAUTIFUL. Immerse yourself in the creative journey as we showcase a documentary-style video with behind-the-scenes footage, insightful interview discussion, and a look into the inspiration and creative process behind a few of the projects showcased in the book. From initial concept to completion, we are excited to share with viewers a unique insider's perspective. We have even more exciting news and collaborations in store for the book launch, which will be shared through Instagram and upcoming newsletters, so make sure to follow us to stay informed!

Beauty holds a remarkable power, transcending boundaries to deeply connect us. From the captivating allure of nature to the elegance of art and harmonious design, it inspires, uplifts, and brings joy. As we celebrate our book launch, we're reminded of beauty's diverse forms and its impact on our world.





In FOREVER BEAUTIFUL, Mark D. Sikes celebrates a full year of beautiful interiors inspired by nature. Forever Beautiful showcases twelve homes — one for every month of the year — influenced by the seasons. Featuring all-new light-filled photography by Amy Neunsinger, Forever Beautiful reminds new and returning readers alike of the power of making it beautiful.


MORE BEAUTIFUL is a celebration of classic, all-American decorating. Mark is well known for creating timelessly beautiful interiors that stir the soul and celebrate an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. This book focuses on mixing sensibilities: American and European, traditional and modern, contemporary and classic.




The first book from interior designer Mark D. Sikes is a celebration of American style today, showcasing chic and accessible ideas for every home.